Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clutter Blocks Creativity

As a creativity coach, one of the first things I ask a client who is struggling to find time for the things they love is this: "Describe your desk/office for me." More times than not, the description includes clutter or papers needing to be filed, or comments like, "I would really like my space to . . ." or "I really should clear/clean . . ."

Clutter blocks creativity. It's like trying to see something when a fly keeps buzzing in front of your eyes. It is distracting! So, if you are having difficulty finding time to be creative, look at your creative space -- your office, your desk, your sewing table, etc. Ask yourself what is distracting you in other ways (are there any "shoulds" you have been putting off?) What do you see? Taking time to clear the clutter will free up more than just the space you see. It will free up your thoughts as well, allowing more space for the creative juices to flow.

I have created a little questionnaire that helps ask questions about clutter in various places in our lives and the energy that may be going in those directions instead of in creative channels. I will share that in my next blog post.

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  1. Oh dear. Therein lies the problem. Unfortunately my least favorite thing to do is pick up and organize!!