Friday, September 11, 2009

But, My Art Won't Pay the Bills. . . .

Have you ever felt that way? That what you really love to do is not viable? That you can't justify the time and energy to do something that won't pay the bills? Why is that? Where do we get that idea?

I've been pondering those questions myself. But, with the economic downturn, I have actually turned to my art -- both as a way to make a little money to help -- and, even more importantly, because I NEED to be creative. It is one of the things that brings me joy! Here's something I recently made.


  1. That is really beautiful! I can tell that it was made with joy.

    Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  2. Artists must create, if we don't we are sacrificing who we really are... in our hearts, in our whole being. It becomes work when it must pay the bills, and less of a creative release. I will take it as my work any day over going back to my dreadful government job while my 3 kids in daycare. Your work is beautiful and I appreciate the thoughtful comment on my blog :)

  3. That is a beautiful work of art! I express myself in so many ways through my art. Sometimes I'm venting, and sometimes I'm singing. But, whatever I'm doing I always feel better after I've created.